Hotel Rooming List

  • Please complete this form by first filling in your Team Name & indicating the Group Arrival & Departure Dates. The number of rooms and number of persons will auto-calculate.
  • For EACH ROOM, please indicate the number of people that will be staying in the room.
  • Fill in the Full Name for each guest as well as the type of guest. Select C/D for Coaches/Directors, for Performers, for Adult Spectators, CH for Child Spectators or for Infants ages two(2) and under.
  • Use the “+” & “” buttons to add or remove rooms.
  • If you have specific rooms who would like to extend their stay beyond the group dates, please notify your CofC Representative.
  • Once a form is submitted, you must contact your CofC Representative to make any changes.
  • Your final invoice cannot be calculated without this form, please have this form submitted by the due date.

Hotel Rooming List Forms are due in our office by Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
Please Remember: Per your package agreement, the number of rooms being held for your group cannot be decreased after Thursday, December 14th, 2016. Individual packages may still be cancelled up until the dates specified in your agreement; however, entire rooms are considered 100%guardunteed after Thursday, December 14th, 2016. (NOTE: Rooms may sell-out before posted deadlines, so book now!)

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